Patrick Cournoyer

“There are some professional encounters that mark us more than others... well, this one is really one! Passionate, and filled with beautiful contagious energy, Ingrid has managed to make a profound impact on our management team in a very short time. Her provocative style has led them to reflect on the essential and real meaning of their role. Very pragmatic and gifted with a good sense of humor, she shares good management advice and concrete tools without limitations. Finally, her desire to support the teams on a daily basis is appreciated and all our managers are still on a good HIGH from the session! Several great ideas for future collaborations are currently inspiring me to continue our work in terms of team engagement.”

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Sylvie Duquette

“Ingrid is a highly personable and skilled professional. She customizes her training and approach to fit our needs and delivers outstanding customer service. I high recommend Ingrid for your coaching and training needs.”

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Brian Strasser

“Over the course of my career, I have participated in many Managerial and Leadership training/coaching sessions. For the most part, they are all pretty much the same. However, this was not the case when it came to Ingrid's workshop. Ingrid's unique approach to presenting/teaching the content was a breath of fresh air. Through humor, real-life testimonials and creative exercises, digesting all the content was a breeze. Ingrid is a ball of energy with a lot of experience in her field and I would definitely recommend her services to any organization looking to enhance their management team's effectiveness as Leaders.”

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Louise Mallette

“Jean-François is a coach who does not seek to change you, but rather to help you develop your skills and make you grow. He guided me in my authenticity, considering it an asset in my leadership role, instead of a weakness. Working with Jean-François has been a great added value for me both personally and professionally. A great wealth!”

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Dominique Gagné

"My business coaching experience with Josée has been more than beneficial! I came out with several concrete tools, measurable changes and a stronger self-confidence! I recommend her to everyone who runs a business they will benefit from her valuable advice and encouragement! "

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Marie Belley

“I loved that the approach is divided in short “Days” filled with simple actions. That made it easy to go through and try “one a day” for 21 days. The tips are easy to incorporate into our daily routine.”

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Monique Mardinian

“Loved how the author got me to into the headspace that changed how each moment is made. Ingrid is a people wizard. Listen to her no nonsense approach, take it in, make a few adjustments to your day and magic happens. This is a must!”

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Adrienne Power

"Patrizia has been working with me as my professional and personal coach over the past year and it has truly been incredibly impactful in my effectiveness. I have had many sports psychologists over the years as an Olympian and nothing compares to the service I have received from Pat."

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Marina Vishnyakova

"Patrizia has been my business coach for several months already and I am very honored to have had this opportunity to meet her and to work with her now. I highly recommend Patrizia to any entrepreneur, professional, executive or business owner."

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