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Managing a business can be tricky. That is mostly due to the fact that people are the foundation of any organization’s success and human beings strive to achieve results, collaborate with others, while having a sense of purpose and fulfillment. All of this is easier said than done! Relationships can be complicated and teamwork can be challenging. To help you figure things out, we offer you our expertise in business psychology so that you can enjoy a psychologically optimized workplace.


Potential Evaluation

Use our evaluations to assess a person’s strengths, weaknesses, career drivers and more. Let us recommend specific tools that will meet your needs including psychometric tools, simulations and interviews.


360° Feedback

The 360-degree evaluation is a high impact tool for developing people. This process provides your leaders with specific, on the job, behavioral feedback based on the perceptions of the people they work with everyday. Includes feedback, a detailed report and action-planning guide.


Test Certification for HR or managers (DISC, etc.).

If you want to become more autonomous and agile when using psychometric tools, get your HR team and/or your managers certified.

the potential assessment a key act

An individual’s potential assessment is a strategic step in the selection and/or development process. From the results and recommendations, you will make important decisions, which will affect not only the candidate’s career but, your team and your business.

We are convinced that the quality and the rigor of this act will contribute and add value to your processes. Also, the experience, the judgment and the approach of the psychologist leading the appraisal are the key factors that will significantly influence this process and your satisfaction.

the 5 steps
the science of predicting success

needs analysis

Get critical information from HR and Manager.

muli-sourced assessment

Use psychometric tools as well as work simulations & interview

results & report

Assess jobs fit. boss fit. team fit. & culture fit.


Present results to the organization & to the individual

90-days coaching

Optional - Let us create a roadmap to to leverage talents and mitigate blind spots


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