21 Days to Happiness


This package includes all 21 happiness courses which will be sure to inspire and energize you as you begin your journey toward greater happiness.

Let us help you begin the life-changing journey to greater happiness, energy, and productivity today. We can help you reach your goals through exercises, activities and fun!

Join Ingrid Kelada, psychologist and happiness expert, on this journey to learn some of the techniques that she has researched, shared with her many clients and incorporated into her daily life which enable her to live a happy and fulfilled life every single day.

Happiness is something you chose and something you DO everyday! With these 10-minute courses you will learn what simple habits can energize and motivate you right now.

Don’t wait for external factors to bring happiness into your life – learn how to create happiness for yourself.

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1. GRATITUDE: Focus on What You Have

Life isn’t always simple or straightforward, and every human being faces adversities and setbacks at one time or another. But when you realize you can always be grateful for what you do have, you will be one step closer to feeling peaceful.

2. MUSIC: Lift Your Mood Instantly

Music touches us even more intensely as we grow. Happy music, usually with a quick tempo and written in a major key, can cause faster breathing, which is a physical sign of happiness. This goes to show that music is the secret ingredient to happiness.

3. LAUGHTER: Make the World a Better Place

Nothing creates a greater bond than laughing together at the absurdity of a situation or enjoying a contagious laugh that radiates joy to everyone around you.

4. DE-CLUTTER: The Magic of Less

Stuff. It’s everywhere, from the chic new shoes you couldn’t resist, to the “must-have” kitchen gadgets, to the tax receipts you absolutely need to save. What do you do with it all? And how do you function serenely when your desk is piled with paper, your kitchen counter is buried under pots and pans, and your closet is so jam-packed that you can’t even find those strappy new sandals?

5. INTENTIONS: Affirmations are Key

An intention is actually very practical for everyday life. Everything that happens in the universe begins with an intention. When you decide to have a salad for lunch, invite a friend to meet for coffee, or move to a new city, it all starts with an intention.

6. NATURE: Step Outside for Happiness

Nothing creates a greater bond than laughing together at the absurdity of a situation or enjoying a contagious laugh that radiates joy to everyone around you.

7. SLEEP: The Cure for Almost Anything

Can you imagine sleeping for 24 years? You may be surprised to learn that you’ll probably sleep away that many years of your life. So it makes sense to know exactly how sleep affects your life, your health, and your happiness.

8. MOVE: The Instant Happiness Booster

Any physical activity, from dancing to biking, to aerobics exercise, seems to make us feel happier and less anxious. In addition to helping us become stronger, more supple, and more energetic, exercise is a wonderful strategy for reducing stress and improving mood. In the short and long run, exercise makes you happier.

9. KINDNESS: Pay it Forward

What if something as simple as a few acts of kindness makes you happier than racing to the top, or buying the next gadget or toy? Read on for the kindest words of encouragement you’ve ever heard.

10. FOOD: Eat Your Way to Happiness

Do you eat for pleasure, for health, or for comfort? From the satisfaction of cooking and sharing a meal with family and friends to sampling new dishes at a trendy restaurant, eating can be a joy that makes life all the sweeter. Let’s investigate the complexities of eating in today’s modern world through this course, and how food can bring you happiness – without compromising your health or sanity.

11. VISUALIZATION: Free Mini-vacations

Visualization is a way to train the mind and focus on what we desire most.

12. DON’T WORRY: Be Happy

Feeling worried, stressed or troubled seems to be the new normal. It’s human nature to be concerned about possible catastrophes and personal troubles, from health to money, to politics, to the environment. The good news is that if worrying has become a habit, you can change it, just like you can alter other habits and behaviours. Read on to find out how.

13. BREATHE: Awaken and Calm Your Mind

Breathing. We do it automatically from the moment we’re born. We don’t need to remind our bodies to take a breath in and let it out. Yet when we feel stressed, one of the first things we are likely to do is hold our breath, or even have trouble breathing.

14. BODY LANGUAGE: Feel Empowered

You know that your body language sends powerful signals to the people you meet. But what you might not know is that your posture also sends important signals to you as well. There are surprising links between body language and mood.

15. TAKE A BREAK: Life Is Not a Race

Taking a break allows you to replenish your energy reserves, recharge your focus, and even become more creative. This chapter shows you how to take control of your time, so you find more happiness.

16. MONEY: Buy Experiences, Not Things

Does purchasing the latest fads deliver happiness? Sure, your new car, iPhone, or laptop will satisfy you, but the feeling soon wears off, replaced by the urge to buy the next shiny new object. So what does bring you happiness over the long haul? Read on to find out.

17. TIME: Harness Your Most Precious Resource

Imagine getting your to-do list completely finished. Yes, every item is crossed off. For a moment you’d probably feel euphoric. But would you have lasting happiness, or would you find yourself compiling a new list, and realize you’d always be adding items as long as you live? This course shows you how to live happily regardless of the state of your to-do list.

18. MEDITATION: Be in the Now

Do you believe the hype about meditation being the Holy Grail of inner peace and calm? The meditation gurus promise overflowing joy and happiness, serenity, creativity and more. If you think, “yeah, right, but it doesn’t work for me,” here’s a little nudge to encourage you to make meditation (or mindfulness) a daily practice.

19. RELATIONSHIPS: Better Than Money in the Bank

What kinds of relationships make us happiest, and how can we cultivate new ones and deepen the ones we have? This course explores the many ways that having close family and a social network contribute to your happiness.

20. WORK: Use Your Strengths and Talents

Is “work” a four-letter word for you? Hopefully, it’s just the opposite, and you are passionate about what you do. If your job doesn’t inspire your passion, there’s good news: you can make changes and take happiness with you into your job every day.

21. OPTIMISM: The Final Piece of the Happiness Puzzle

There’s a saying, “the grass is greener,” for happy people. Now you too can start walking on the sunny side of the street, where the grass is greener. You’re exercising in nature, and you’re expressing gratitude and feeling happier every day. Yes, you guessed it. Optimism is the final piece of the puzzle that leads to happiness! Read on to find out more.


  • You will learn science based strategies and techniques to increase your well-being and life satisfaction​.
  • Tips and steps to unlock lasting motivation and excitement.

  • Develop the mind-set and habits that will make it easy for you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of living.

  • Become more focused, productive, calm, joyful, healthy, and happy.


  • Practical exercises
  • Interactive activities to learn and remember the material
  • Quiz to review what’s important
  • Resources: reference books, videos and APPS
  • A free downloadable workbook that you can work on as you take the course


  • You have the will to try simple changes to become happier.


  • Anyone who wants to live a happier and more fulfilled life.
  • Anyone who wants to feel more energetic and productive.

Are you ready to take charge of your life? Go get yourself a coffee or beverage of your choice and let’s do this!

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