We ALL want happiness
We all want to feel useful and make a difference. It is even better when we get appreciation and recognition. We tend to look for some kind of validation from friends, family and our colleagues or boss. It makes us feel good about ourselves and raises our confidence in ourselves. It can create feelings of positive self-esteem, which is very important. It makes us happy.

But how do you get the appreciation and recognition, or those positive responses from others?

Be the happiness GIVER
Instead of waiting for others to notice the good things about ourselves, be the person who notices the good in others. Make a point to praise the people around you, even for small things. Thank a person who holds a door open for you. Offer appreciation for a job well done. Notice the things your peers do well and compliment them. Point out the little things your friends or partner do which you often take for granted and take time to be thankful for them.

Watch the Happiness Multiply
When you give happiness to someone else, an amazing thing happens: their happiness in turn makes us happier, too. It happens immediately. We experience a sense of satisfaction. It elevates our self-esteem. We feel good. By making others happy, we get happiness. So let’s be proactive and increase our personal happiness by giving happiness to others.

My book, 21 Days to Happiness, talks about sharing kindness with others as part of your journey toward greater happiness. With the American Thanksgiving and the holidays around the corner, I hope you enjoy time spent gathered with family and friends, and I hope giving the gift of happiness to the special people in your life makes this holiday season a special, happy time.

Ingrid Kelada

Business Psychologist/Happiness Expert

KCC Inc.