3 Days to Happiness

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This package includes three lessons on happiness: gratitude, music, and laughter, and will be sure to inspire and energize you as you begin your journey toward greater happiness.

Let us help you begin the life-changing journey to greater happiness, energy, and productivity today. We can help you reach your goals through exercises, activities and fun!

Join Ingrid Kelada, psychologist and happiness expert, on this journey to learn some of the techniques that she has researched, shared with her many clients and incorporated into her daily life which enable her to live a happy and fulfilled life every single day.

Happiness is something you chose and something you DO everyday! With these three 10-minute courses you will learn what simple habits can energize and motivate you right now.

Don’t wait for external factors to bring happiness into your life – learn how to create happiness for yourself.



1. GRATITUDE: Focus on What You Have

Life isn’t always simple or straightforward, and every human being faces adversities and setbacks at one time or another. But when you realize you can always be grateful for what you do have, you will be one step closer to feeling peaceful.

2. MUSIC: Lift Your Mood Instantly

Music touches us even more intensely as we grow. Happy music, usually with a quick tempo and written in a major key, can cause faster breathing, which is a physical sign of happiness. This goes to show that music is the secret ingredient to happiness.

3. LAUGHTER: Make the World a Better Place

Nothing creates a greater bond than laughing together at the absurdity of a situation or enjoying a contagious laugh that radiates joy to everyone around you.


  • You will learn science based strategies and techniques to increase your well-being and life satisfaction​.
  • Tips and steps to unlock lasting motivation and excitement.

  • Develop the mind-set and habits that will make it easy for you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of living.

  • Become more focused, productive, calm, joyful, healthy, and happy.


  • Practical exercises
  • Interactive activities to learn and remember the material
  • Quiz to review what’s important
  • Resources: reference books, videos and APPS
  • A free downloadable workbook that you can work on as you take the course


  • Anyone who wants to live a happier and more fulfilled life.
  • Anyone who wants to feel more energetic and productive.

Are you ready to take charge of your life? Go get yourself a coffee or beverage of your choice and let’s do this!


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