Integration for Life Harmony
Balance. It’s a nice word but the reality is hard to pin down. It may not even put us on the right track in our quest for fulfillment and happiness. Today we will talk more about  “work-play integration”.

Let’s think about integration, which means bringing the various pieces of our lives into a cohesive whole. We each have many roles, goals, responsibilities and life plans. We have to consider all of those aspects globally and identify clear priorities.

Identify Priorities
Experience shows people best at balancing their lives are ones who have very clear priorities and their own clear definition of success. They know what’s most important in their lives. These are people who can say, before it happens: if I have to make a choice between different activities, I know what my biggest priority is.

Recognize the Choices You’re Making
Sometimes we fall into going through life feeling like we don’t have a choice. We let the new promotion or the new demands of the job dictate what we do. This is not a balanced life road. We need to stop and reflect, communicate more with your significant other and your manager at work…basically be more pro-active and take charge.

Take Time to Unplug
It’s easy to find we have too much to do. Technology has changed things and made people accessible 24 hours a day, encroaching on the peaceful “unplugged” time people used to have. Yet some things don’t change. We still have 24 hours a day. We all have the same amount of time, and how we use it comes down to a personal choice.

Use Management Skills in All Areas of Your Life
For a balanced life, basic management skills have to be used at home as well as in the workplace. One of the reasons why many people prefer going out to work to working at home is that we’re very organized in the workplace. We use time management there, and then we come home and just ride the waves, allowing  the latest problem that has cropped up to dictate our time. Instead, try bringing some organization into your home life. Plan a weekly dinner with friends or a family game night. Schedule an activity for yourself from time to time as an opportunity to take care of yourself and re-energize.

Day 20 of my book, 21 Days to Happiness, focuses on creating happiness at work through the use of our strengths and talents. Check it out, and let me know which chapter helps you most!

Ingrid Kelada

Business Psychologist/Happiness Expert

KCC Inc.