Variety is the Spice of Happiness
Have you ever felt trapped by your day to day schedule? Maybe you feel like you’re busy all the time or you simply don’t have anything coming up soon that you’re really looking forward to. Being busy or simply maintaining our day-to-day responsibilities can make life feel monotonous. We feel like we’re missing something.

Trying something new– big or small– can give us a boost of happiness in a lot of ways. Not only does planning the new thing give us something to look forward to and anticipate, actually doing it can be a fun adventure. Then we have a story to tell and a memory to look back on, which is like a happiness bonus!

5 Cheap, Easy Ways to Boost Your Happiness with Something New
Here are some quick and easy ideas for new adventures you can try on any budget and with limited free time.

1. Try a new food. You can browse an aisle at the grocery store you rarely visit and try something new, like a soup or unusual fruit. Or you can invite friends to a restaurant you’ve never visited before. If you opt to go out with friends, consider ordering different dishes to share, so you each get to try several different items. Feeling even more adventurous? Invite a friend over to try a new recipe or style of cooking together!

2. Visit a place you’ve never been. Look online to find your city’s website or community calendar. Is there a museum you’ve never been to? A park? Maybe there’s a jazz night or community orchestra concert you can attend. Check nearby theaters for live community theater performances.

3. Try reading a book outside your usual genre. Look for a book you might not ordinarily pick up, but something that strikes your interest. Maybe the memoir of a famous person or historical figure you’ve always been interested in. If you’re worried about finding time to sit and read, try an audiobook to listen to on the go!

4. Change up your routine. Take a different route to work or the grocery store or gym. Take a walk outside instead of on the treadmill or at the gym. Get up ten minutes earlier and sit outside with your morning coffee.

5. Rearrange your furniture in your bedroom, living room or office. Moving things around will make the room feel fresh and new. You can spice things up even more by adding a new houseplant or a vase with fresh cut flowers.

Doing something new might take a little bit of planning, but the burst of energy and happiness it brings you makes trying a new thing worthwhile. Sharing these experiences with a friend or loved one will deepen those relationships. You’ll also find you feel a glow of happiness long afterward when you look back on the experience and remember it.

You can learn more about how experiences bring happiness in my book, 21 Days to Happiness.