Invest in your
We believe that organizations must invest in employee
happiness and wellness to attract and retain top talent.
Research proves that there are many benefits for all: happy
employees perform better, are less absent and have a positive
attitude contributing to a positive company culture.

There is now overwhelming proof that happy employees are more engaged and productive.

Get our WHITE PAPER that includes the latest research as well as some practical recommendations on ways to increase employee engagement.

Complete Program

We believe in and help you build a happiness work culture. This leading-edge program is comprised of 21 interactive online sessions designed to increase happiness, productivity and engagement.

Each session is only about 15 minutes and can be done on any computer or mobile device.

The tips and best practices that are shared are based on 10 years of research in the field of positive psychology.

Increase Your Happiness
Culture Now.

Happiness expert Ingrid Kelada has over 25 years of experience in psychology and has developed a step-by-step program to help increase your employees’ happiness and feel more motivated.



Each day contains activities and resources, including a downloadable workbook, quizzes and videos, to effectively and easily develop habits for greater happiness, energy and productivity.



These 15-minute sessions give practical tips and advice that can be applied right away.

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Author Ingrid Kelada has studied happiness for more than ten years and has over twenty-five years experience as a psychologist

Our 21-Day Program at a Glance


Day 1 : Gratitude

Focus on what you have

Day 2 : Music

Lift your mood instantly

Day 3 : Laughter

Make the world a better place

Day 4 : De-clutter

T‍he magic of less​


Day 5 : Intentions

Affirmations are key

Day 6 : Nature

Step outside for happiness​

Day 7 : Sleep

The cure for almost anything​


Day 8 : Move

T‍he instant happiness booster


Day 9 : Kindness

Pay it forward


Day 10 : Food

Eat your way to happiness

Day 11 : Visualization ​

Free mini-vacations


Day 12 : Do not Worry

B‍e happy


Day 13 : Breathing

Awaken and Calm Your Mind


Day 14 : Body Language

Feel Empowered


Day 15 : Take a Break

Life is not race

Day 16 : Money

Buy experience , not things


Day 17 : Time

Harness your most precious resource


Day 18 : Meditation

Be in the now


Day 19 : Relationships

Better than money in the bank


Day 20 : Work

Use your strength and talents


Day 21 : Optimism

The Final Piece of the Happiness Puzzle

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This is for anyone striving to find work-life balance. Whether they’re feeling overwhelmed and
frustrated or just want to increase their happiness. 

Anyone can learn how in just 10 minutes a day!

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Testimonials From HAPPY Clients

Hélène Douville
President DCA Group & Customer Experience Expert

“Ingrid’s energy is contagious. I felt like she was by my side, giving me tools to become happier and more energized.”

Daniel Lambert
College Psychology Teacher

“As a college psychology teacher for 21 years, I have read many books on happiness. 21 Days to Happiness stands out because in addition to offering a toolbox full of simple techniques, all of which are based on sound scientific foundations, the author also provides various other resources that contribute to our happiness such as videos inspiring, useful applications, websites to discover, etc. I loved it!”

Paule Rouleau, MBA
Desjardins Bank Director

“21 Days to Happiness is a practical tool to increase our positivity, like a bootcamp of happiness and vitality. My favorite part is Ingrid’s Favorite Resources, with lots of tools, videos and practical tips to bring happiness into our lives!”

Marie Belley
Human Resources Director

“I loved that the approach is divided in short “Days” filled with simple actions. That made it easy to go through and try “one a day” for 21 days. The tips are easy to incorporate into our daily routine.”

Monique Mardinian
President and CEO, Encore Travel

“Loved how the author got me to into the headspace that changed how each moment is made. Ingrid is a people wizard. Listen to her no nonsense approach, take it in, make a few adjustments to your day and magic happens. This is a must!”

Karine-Lisa Gottfredsen
Strategic Corporate Buyer

“Easy techniques to put into practice. I enjoyed the humor, the way the author interacts with us and how she ends each Day by having us put the tips into practice.”