How to Build Your Ideal Team

One of the best and sometimes trickiest parts of being a leader is having the opportunity to build your ideal team. Choosing the right employees can make a huge difference in the success of your company. Employees represent and translate your company’s values to your clients.

What do you look for in an employee? You probably already have an idea of the education or skillset you’re looking for. But how do you determine if a person has the right personality or work ethic to be a great fit for your team? When interviewing prospective employees, always try to notice their energy level and to understand their motivators. Does he seem passionate about he’s saying? Is she eager to put her skills toward the job?

Build Your Ideal Team with the Right Values and Motivation

Ask questions about what drives the person. Do his or her values line up with what’s important to your organization and objectives? It’s important to choose people who value your ideas and goals. People will respond to genuine connection.

You’ll also want to build your team to include people with a team mindset. Individuals with this mindset will be problem-solvers because they’re invested in the success of the team. They’ll look for ways to improve their part of the process because it benefits them and benefits the team as a whole. Ask potential applicants how they have handled workplace problems in the past. Did they deal with things in a way you’d like issues to be handled when working for you?

Choosing People with Potential to Build Your Ideal Team Further

As you meet with applicants, consider not only the current needs of your business, but what you hope to achieve in the next several years. Find individuals who suit your company today and can help you achieve those longer term goals. Look for their potential for the short term as well as future roles. Is this someone who could someday be a manager? Someone who might have explosive sales potential? Remember to hire for ATTITUDE first, as you can always develop SKILLS later.

Tools to Help You Build Your Ideal Team

One quick way to uncover this and other critical information about individuals is to offer them a Work Personality Index. This personality questionnaire takes about 20 minutes and provides a comprehensive assessment of work behavior. Collect behavioral data on a person’s energy and drive, work style, ability to work with others, ability to deal with stress and managerial potential.